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Rekey Locks

When it’s time to rekey locks, Nepean people can turn to us. At our locksmith company, we realize that more often than not, rekeying locks quickly is vital. And so, we are ready to dispatch experienced locksmiths to change the key and rekey the locks of the property. Naturally, we are ready to send a pro to rekey the locks of your office or home just as a precaution. Or, if you want a master key system. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could open all doors at your property with only one key? On all such occasions, we are the team to call.

If you want to rekey locks in Nepean, contact our team

Rekey Locks NepeanGetting lock rekey service in Nepean, Ontario, is simple. All you have to do is contact our company. The locks should be rekeyed when they are in good shape but there are some security concerns. Like when you have given a certain key of a certain door to several people. Or, when employees don’t return their key when they are dismissed.

The whole point of rekeying locks is to render the existing, original key useless. We send a Nepean locksmith to change the pins, place new ones in a different configuration so that the current key won’t fit in the lock. If your key is stolen, for example, and someone uses it to get in your property, it won’t fit. It won’t turn. That’s why it’s urgent to contact Locksmith Nepean when the key is stolen or missing.

A well-equipped pro offers the key change & lock rekey service

We send pros to rekey locks as a precaution too. Do you want to be sure your file cabinet or a specific office or part of the house is not accessed by others? Just to be sure, call us to have the lock rekeyed. Or, are you tired of trying to find the right key for a specific door and would prefer to have one key for all doors? We still send pros to rekey locks.

In all such cases, the techs arrive quickly and fully equipped for the key change service. They carry cutting machines and thus, make new keys to match the rekeyed lock. They rekey locks using the correct tools and always, with the utmost care.

When the keys are lost or possibly stolen, there’s no time to lose. And it’s no time for key replacement service. It’s time to have the key changed and the lock rekeyed and indeed, urgently. So, do call us if you are in such trouble and be sure that a locksmith will come out on the double. We always hurry to help, especially if it’s time to urgently rekey locks in Nepean.